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Mr Wolf is the designer of the world's first all-colour flip clock: Model#1.

This enterprise began with a life-long interest in machines with moving parts, visual communication and information technology – especially timepieces. This naturally led to an interest in flip-clock technology that had its heyday in the 1970s and 80s.

There is something very special about the motion and barely-audible drop of a ‘flip’ as a minute expires – a unique marriage of the digital and mechanical; but perhaps there is something just a little bit humdrum about standard sans-serif white-on-black numerals.

Hence the idea for a radically different flip clock: one that in 24 hours and 60 minutes showcases an ever-changing combination of colours, graphics, cultures, art, design and numbering systems. The first Mr Wolf prototype was produced in 2012 and the first production run was launched in 2014.

Mr Wolf clocks are manufactured by Mr Wolf and TWEMCO (makers of fine flip clocks since 1956) using precision German movements. As well as being objects of novelty and beauty, each Mr Wolf clock is a highly accurate, reliable and well-built timepiece.


Why Mr Wolf?

What's the time Mr Wolf? is a children's game of tag played across much of the English-speaking world. (In the United States it is better known as What time is it Mr Fox?)

The name of the game is a question that your Mr Wolf clock can answer, although you may sometimes have to have a closer look to be sure.