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Basic timesetting instructions

  1. If your clock has just arrived remove the battery compartment cover, take out the battery, remove the plastic wrap, and then reinsert the battery.
  2. Remove the controls compartment cover.
  3. Hold the clock upright and set the correct hour by pushing down the handle on the right-hand side facing rear.
  4. Set minutes one minute ahead of current time by pushing down the handle on the left-hand side facing rear.


Precision timesetting instructions

Thanks to its German quartz heart and Twemco's engineering, your Mr Wolf flip clock is a very accurate timepiece. In fact, with a little effort you can be sure that is accurate to within two or three seconds.

To do this you will need a stopwatch and an accurate time reference such as a precise clock or watch, the telephone speaking clock, or a radio broadcast.

  1. Set your Mr Wolf clock one or two minutes ahead of the actual time.
  2. Start your stopwatch the moment that the 59 minute flap drops and the hour display changes.
  3. Stop the stopwatch the moment that your time reference tells you that the hour has advanced. The time recorded tells you exactly how fast your Mr Wolf clock is running.
  4. Disconnect the battery for the exact time recorded on the stopwatch. This is best done by placing your thumbnail against the left end of the battery. Then rotate that end of the battery out of the compartment while maintaining contact against the spring at the other end. This allows you to reconnect the battery at precisely the right moment.

Now the minute display will be accurate to within about two or three seconds while the hour display will be even better: flipping over exactly on the hour for months to come.