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Model#1 is the first clock from Mr Wolf.

With a Model#1 clock, every minute and hour is displayed as part of a broader composition. The clock is a flip-clock, although this clock subverts the monotony with which such clocks usually represent the time. In this timepiece, the numbers are embedded in images; sometimes the number displayed might be obvious and at other times, cryptic. The cumulative effect is that of a colourful puzzle or dreamscape, in which the marking of time is made interesting and whimsical. The result is a piece that tells the time but is also something of a work of art in itself.

Over the course of a day, as the leaves of the clock fall, the clock displays 1440 unique combinations of images.

Model#1 is now available in black, white and red. This is a 24-hour (or 'military') style clock. This permits greater variety in numerical expression than would be possible with a 12-hour AM/PM clock.

Model 1 - Black Model 1 - White Model 1 - Red